Bay4 Technical Services Sponsors, Supports Racing the Sun


In early May 2018, 16 schools from Tucson, Phoenix, and Sierra Vista participated in the 7th annual Racing the Sun (RTS) challenge where solar-powered karts race along a 1,264-meter course for solar design supremacy. Bay4 Energy is a sponsor of the STEM-based program offering industry mentoring throughout the design, build and troubleshooting process, and demoing their solar-powered “mentor” kart on race day.

This year Bay4 Energy Technical Services participated in two areas: Industry Mentoring and Building and Demoing a solar-powered kart. Dr. Daniel Cormode (Director, System Analytics Group) and Mr. Nate Croft (PV Test Engineer II, Engineering & Research Group) helped mentor and instruct the student teams with workshops on electricity and solar power during the competition’s training weekend last fall and were active mentors throughout the year during the team’s development and construction process. On race day, Bay4 Energy Technical Services helped with safety inspections and recorded energy usage of each team to calculate the winners of the Efficiency Award.

At its core, Racing the Sun is a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) program that challenges high school student teams to design, build, and race solar-powered go-karts. RTS is organized and hosted by Tech Parks Arizona. The program is in its seventh year. Since its inception in 2011, more than 700 students have participated in the program. Working with teachers and mentors, students spend nine months preparing for Race Day. Along the way, they apply physics, engineering, and energy. They solve real-world problems, using mathematical, analytical, and critical thinking skills. Teams race at Musselman Honda Circuit, a 1,264-meter track that challenges drivers to master its 13 turns. A short video describes the process here:

Leading by example, the Bay4 Technical Services team – guided by Mr. Matthew Amanti (Bay4 PV Test Engineer I, Engineering & Research Group) – worked as one to design, build and race a custom solar-powered go-kart, installing the same solar panel/battery/motor system that the student teams used to power and drive their competition karts. Staying true to Bay4’s renewable roots, the kart frame and major components were built from scratch using both new and repurposed bike parts.

On race day, the Bay4 Technical Services team demoed their design on the same race track as student competitors, successfully navigating all required laps and challenges of the course.

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