Your Trusted Partner in Asset Management

Bay4 Energy is the leading independent renewable energy service provider, with more than 30 years of asset performance and portfolio management experience. We provide a comprehensive offering of energy and asset performance management services designed to keep owners, investors, and operators in touch with their renewable assets, while delivering optimized energy production and financial returns.

Bay4 Energy is unique in that we are truly full-service; this means we have all the tools, technology and expertise under one roof to manage a project through its entire 25-30-year lifecycle. Our customers trust us as their partner to manage every aspect of a project or portfolio: from independent engineering reviews and project audits, to contract and financial management through O&M monitoring and warranty fulfillment, Bay4 can do it all.

Our Services

Performance Management

Optimization solutions across the entire life cycle of renewable systems.

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Contract Management

Full life cycle management for high-caliber structure and compliance.

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Financial Management

Legal and financial management of renewable facilities.

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Independent O&M Management

An agnostic approach to operations and maintenance management.

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Operations and Maintenance

Expert, data-driven O&M services bringing peace of mind to asset owners.

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Independent Engineering Review (IER)

Comprehensive and impartial reviews of existing customer sites.

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Energy Storage Solutions

Best-in-class energy storage consulting utilizing real-world testing facilities.

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Engineering & Research

Offering state-of-the art field and lab facilities for testing and development.

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National Presence

Bay4 currently operates and manages energy assets at numerous power plant facilities across the United States for owner operators, financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies, state governments, the Federal Government and utilities. Bay4’s national reach means experience working with multiple utilities and accumulated knowledge of sales, use and excise tax compliance in all 50 states.

Our Team

Much of the Bay4 team has worked together for more than 25 years and includes subject matter experts in accounting, tax, legal, regulatory, SREC, software development, customer service, technical services, operations and maintenance, and solar and energy storage technologies.


“Bay4 has provided RC Energy Group LLC excellent independent engineering support. The staff is highly knowledgeable about technical and operational matters for a full range of solar PV facility issues. Bay4 has improved the quality of the projects we developed by providing a thorough technical review of the underlying design prior to the start of construction and identifying potential concerns before they become problems. Whether that be issues related to the underlying production estimates or possible inconsistencies in the design drawings, Bay4’s efforts help to get the project off to a good start. Once construction is underway, Bay4’s onsite visits are valuable in the opportunity they provide to ensure the work adheres to the manufacturer specifications, thereby protecting future warranty rights. Furthermore, the experience Bay4 has operating systems allows its staff to recommend best practices that will help to maintain the system in good working condition for years to come. We are quite pleased with Bay4’s work. The staff is thorough, thoughtful, and adds value to our systems. We are pleased to have them as our partner.”

RC Energy Group LLC

Evan Christenson, Managing Director