Bay4 Energy is your partner, with the industry resources and management expertise to stay on top of the ever-changing renewable energy landscape. Our full-service approach concentrates on the essential aspects of managing your solar projects, delivering a secure and reliable database of information specific to your needs. From contract administration and asset performance management to operations & maintenance, and accounting and tax activities, we work diligently to optimizing your facilities performance and maximize profitability throughout the project lifecycle.

Ultimately, we provide timely and accurate information that will enable you to make better, more cost-effective decisions about your renewable energy portfolio. Bay4's Relationship Management team also serves as your single point of contact, maintaining professional relationships with stakeholders including investors, contractors, and other key parties.

We break our services down into two areas:

Asset Performance Management

Bay4 provides a wide range of essential solar asset management services to solar project investors, developers and hosts. Our focus is to work diligently to ensure that solar facility performs contractually, technically and financially to deliver the expected return on investment.

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Technical Services

Based in Tucson, Arizona, Bay4 Energy’s Technical Services is staffed by engineers, scientists, and technicians with years of experience up and down the renewable energy value chain. Bay4 Technical Services ensures that customer’s systems are optimized with expert O&M management and diagnostic capabilities to keep facilities generating at the highest levels possible.

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National Presence

Bay4 currently operates and manages energy assets at numerous power plant facilities across the United States for owner operators, financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies, state governments, the Federal Government and utilities. Bay4’s national reach means experience working with multiple utilities and accumulated knowledge of sales, use and excise tax compliance in all 50 states.

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